Saturday, January 29, 2011

An attempt at doing good

When asked to make a professional ethics pledge, analysing what you think is important for a designer to present to this society in terms of responsible design, I found it really hard to come in terms with myself, being new or relatively unestablished in the industry.
It is one thing to declare stuff, and another to keep true to your pledge. But as endorsers of consumerism and messengers to all good and evil in a degrading society.. I consider it very important to have yourself figured out and always stand for what you think is good.
Here is a humble declaration, an attempt for doing good.


Vinay Giridhar

Being a designer brings power. The power to influence people’s minds and actions. The power to change what one thinks, manipulate one’s beliefs, ideas, dreams and aspirations. The power to change entire generations and thus human history. This is the power of media. With such immense power comes great responsibility, to be empathetic to fellow humans, animals and the environment.

Right Choice

If possible, I will try my best to choose the projects, companies I will work for . I will do my homework in finding out the company/ organisation’s history, and outlook. I will avoid projects that I feel are not in the best interest or harmful for people, animals and the environment.

Right Concept

I will try my best,in choosing the right materials for my projects , right from the concept, all the way to the production stage. I will make sure the initial concept or material meets my ethical standards, presenting any idea in a people, community friendly manner. I will try and educate the client the importance and effectiveness of goodwill, in showcasing a brand, or a product.

Right materials

I will try my best and advice clients, recommending ecofriendly materials for production. Cutting down wastage of resources, and promoting the use of recycled materials such as paper and other media.

Avoid acts of plagiarism and fraud

I will not steal someone else's work and lie about it afterward. I will not commit acts of fraud by cheating and misleading my audience.As a designer I will try and be a warrior, fighting evil “isms” plaguing our society such as racism, sexism, terrorism etc.. and create responsible design that informs, enlightens and entertains people, rather than shock , mock and hurt them. I will be neutral in my outlook toward gender, race and nationality.

As a designer I will try and help to support the cause of creating a better, peaceful world.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The tower of shame : Adarsh Flat to be demolished ?

Adarsh Flat, originally built for the Kargil war widows,and disabled army veterans of the country ,by Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society,has been in news all last year.

The scam is an issue that rocked Indian politics .It has shamed Indian democracy,along with so many other scams, scandals, corruption such as the 2G spectrum, CWG games etc..After this scam story came out through the media, it resulted in huge controversies connecting almost all major politicians in the country, leading to the expulsion of Ashok Chavan from the Maharashtra chief minister's position.Ashok Chavan is the fourth CM of Maharashtra asked or forced to quit for the alleged charges of corruption or nepotism.

The latest story is that the environment ministry has ordered the demolition of this huge residential complex, since it doesn't meet the requirements of the coastal protection regulatory laws of the country.

Pulling down the building doesn't make any sense to me..

It is like, if the corrupt politicians cannot have a share of the deal, then nobody can have it..This is not fair..

The environment ministry failed to look into the matter before that apartment complex was built in the first place.
Now all the damage to the environment is already done
Think about the tons of river sand dug up to make this huge concrete structure, the amount of electricity ,water and underpaid manual labour that went to its construction.The shame it brought to all of Indian Democracy.How much it let down all the people that supported this corrupt government into power.

I believe it is just abuse of power and wastage of millions of rupees of tax-payers money, if someone decides to demolish such a tower of shame ..especially when 100s of thousands of poor slum dwellers die like worms in Mumbai's underbelly..They should finish the project as planned and distribute it for the kargil widows and poor people who cannot afford basic housing in the city.They could divide those huge apartments into like 2-3 medium flats and divide it among the slum dwellers, and make some differnce into the lives of these people.This is the only way by which you can right all the wrongs committed for this case.And demolition wont help cover up all the dark truths of lobbying and corruption in the country.

The main problem with Indian Coaliation politics is that it is not DEMOCRACY anymore...

It is ruled, not by the people, but by corporates,who apparently appoints the ministers, judiciary and even conducts all the general elections.

The soul of India is already lost.

There should be a creative approach in dealing with our problems and we should learn to club those issues with straight forward, well thought after solutions.